Allow new base for test suite also
CI for ubuntu/lts
Update To Newer Base Version

In base 4.11 MonadFail was added to eventually pull the `fail` method out of
Monad, and as of GHC 8.6 it uses MonadFail by default, unless it's disabled
with options.

Luckily it's pretty easy to implement, since we just wrap IO anyway, so I've
added conditional use of the class here.
Allow newer base, which works
Let cabal know about the tests, and fix warnings
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/athanclark/tokyocabinet-haskell

* 'master' of https://github.com/athanclark/tokyocabinet-haskell:
  added 7.10 support
961d87af — Athan Clark 6 years ago
added 7.10 support
b4fdd27f — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
don't export ECODE from ADB module

Ignore-this: 8589b078e192898402351f1498c5b9f2

1831d611 — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
rollback release changes

Ignore-this: 70ce9023cdf3c5eb4afd6e65bfe17208

58190bed — tom.lpsd 12 years ago 0.0.5
version 0.0.5 released

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ef925d7b — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
we need cabal 1.6 (or later) now

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cd4ff230 — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
don't need TestUtil.hs

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356d3a92 — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
Added Changes file

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3f6f9784 — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
added TestUtil.hs to extra-source-files

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e737fdbd — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
Added `example' section to document

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1cc7c869 — tom.lpsd 12 years ago
Added sample script using adb

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