sgx-jmp/lib/customer_info.rb -rw-r--r-- 2.9 KiB
Merge branch 'more-admin-info'

* more-admin-info:
  Test Admin Info with Numbers
  Refetch Customer on Repeated Customer Info Calls
  Trust Level in Customer Info
  Show Callability State in Customer Info
  No Settled Transactions is 0, not Null
Test Admin Info with Numbers

My current two AdminInfo tests have unregistered customers because it's
easier, but it means that some parts of the logic don't get tested.

This one digs a bit deeper to test this part of the forms, but it
requires injecting a repo
Trust Level in Customer Info

We have this thing, so we should probably be able to see it
Show Callability State in Customer Info

This shows relatively easily which class a given user finds themselves

Whether they can't call because they have no balance, or if they have
lots of room, or if they're being asked.

Hopefully this will make it easier to tell at a glance if a calling
issue is due to a few things.

Here in info I'm doing a lot of this pattern:

    EMPromise.all([one, two three]).then { |one, two, three|
    	new(one: one, two: two, three: three)

Which felt really noisy for what is a pretty logical operation.
So now I can keep the keys and values together and do:

    PromiseHash.all(one: one, two: two, three:three).then(&method(:new))

It's smaller, but more importantly it's more meaningful to me.
It keeps the declaration of the meaning together with the sourcing of
the value.
And because it uses EMPromise.all in the guts it's not a problem if some
of the keys are not promises.
LazyObject is not nil, so safenav doesn't work
Merge branch 'tx-list'

* tx-list:
  Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View
  Transactions List
  Customer Financials
  Telephone Link
Telephone Link

Sometimes I need to go there to look something up or change a setting,
and every time I do I have to navigate through the UI to a number I
already know.

This should make that faster.
Merge branch 'overage-limit'

* overage-limit:
  auto_top_up_amount and monthly_overage_limit from CustomerRepo
  Move Bandwidth Tn remote operations to BandwidthTnRepo
  Use value_semantics to DRY up CustomerRepo
  Use NotFound exception for all customer not found cases
auto_top_up_amount and monthly_overage_limit from CustomerRepo

Move load of auto_top_up_amount to the repo, and load monthly_overage_limit in
the same operation.
Customer Info Forms and More Info

There's a bit extra info I wanted about users, so since I was doing this
anyway I figured I may as well port the existing forms to the new form

Then, in order to fit within the guidelines I needed subforms, so
partials were added.
Make tel present or not more machine readable
Show CNAM in customer info
Merge branch 'rubocop'

* rubocop:
  Additional fixes for rubocop 1.10.1
  Switch to rubocop 0.89.1
Switch to rubocop 0.89.1

This is the rubocop in new Debian stable
Move CustomerFwd behind Customer

All the previously-lazy BackendSgx data is now either all loaded or all not
loaded by swapping the sgx_repo used by your CustomerRepo instance.  When not
loaded the fields are filled with bottom values that explode when used.  When
loaded the values are present in RAM and not promises at all.  Most code paths
do not need any of the data, a few need most of it, so this seems like a good
trade-off.  Most code using this object will simply never touch those fields or
care about how they are loaded, etc.

Of course, most of this data isn't even SGX related and should move out of here,
but that would take a data model refactor/migration on the catapult_* schema.
Add auto-top-up to customer info report
Even if key catapult_jid- exists, this is bonkers, just say no
Customer Visible Plan Info

We moved some of the currently private things to be public, like currency, and
then included things like how much the monthly price is as well.