Merge branch 'simpleswap'

* simpleswap:
  Integrate SimpleSwap into alt top up
Integrate SimpleSwap into alt top up

Allow choosing Done, Add Bitcoin, XMR, or ETH with the last two being SimpleSwap
swap addresses (and thus only one-time use, for safety, we don't know how long
they keep a record of swaps etc).
Merge branch 'admin-actions'

* admin-actions:
  Admin Command Flash
  AddInvites Command
  SetTrustLevel Command
  ResetDeclines Command
  Undo and Undoable Command Harness
  Move Cancel and Financial Admin Commands
  AdminAction and AdminActionRepo
  Invites Repo
  Cleanup Admin Form
ResetDeclines Command

This is a nice simple first one.
I set the declines to 0, and on Undo I set it back to what it was

There's no extra form or information, it just does the thing.
Revert "Merge branch 'three_d_secure'"

This reverts commit 36f441c031a5318385ec78d7d2e021a8e2fab186, reversing
changes made to 3b0ae3c9387d3be41b30bd6dd4552ff0a841d8ed.
Merge branch 'three_d_secure'

* three_d_secure:
  Send 3DS id when making a transaction
Send 3DS id when making a transaction
Merge branch 'credit-card-blacklist'

* credit-card-blacklist:
  Credit card blacklist
Credit card blacklist

Any card on the list is just treated as though it is not present, preventing it
from being used.
Declines should be an Int

Previously this retured a string and everywhere that used it had to
convert it into an it, or handle it if it's nil.

That's dumb.
Now it's always an int, and `nil.to_i` is 0 anyway so I don't have to
check that either.
Order Transactions by Date

In my testing the natural order just happened to be the date order
because I had so little data.

But in the real world we should probably be more explicit!
Transaction Note Can Be Null

Not only is it allowed, but actually there's a ton of empty notes. Every
monthly account activation is missing a note, so practically every user
that has transactions will have empty notes.
Merge branch 'tx-list'

* tx-list:
  Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View
  Transactions List
  Customer Financials
  Telephone Link
Customer Financials

I've pulled out information about payment methods and bitcoin into its
own thing. It's kind of a repository, except that it only exposes
fetchers and doesn't load anything generally.

There's also a few new methods here that aren't used yet, but will be