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Merge branch 'simpleswap'

* simpleswap:
  Integrate SimpleSwap into alt top up
Integrate SimpleSwap into alt top up

Allow choosing Done, Add Bitcoin, XMR, or ETH with the last two being SimpleSwap
swap addresses (and thus only one-time use, for safety, we don't know how long
they keep a record of swaps etc).
Refactor alt top up to use FormTemplate
Merge branch 'tx-list'

* tx-list:
  Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View
  Transactions List
  Customer Financials
  Telephone Link
Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View

I've added a new command to show financial information about the user.
But more importantly I've added an infinite admin subsystem which allows
me to go into a user and then run multiple commands on them.

For now it's just these two info commands, but in the future I'd like to
add mutative commands here.

Finally, since I sometimes look up multiple users in a pretty short
timeframe I made the menu open and if I put something into the list that
doesn't parse as one of the actions it instead switches the current user
so I don't have to do "cancel", "customer", and then put the next one

I can just have the session open and put stuff in as needed.
Make wording more verbose

In case you've been living under a rock and don't know what an eTransfer is.
Merge branch 'rubocop'

* rubocop:
  Additional fixes for rubocop 1.10.1
  Switch to rubocop 0.89.1
Switch to rubocop 0.89.1

This is the rubocop in new Debian stable
Show current balance in alt top up form
Alt top up command

To show mailing address, eTransfer address, Bitcoin addresses, and allow
generating a new Bitcoin address.