ref: f571b5e726750cf8c4523c22d77e110194c3e16a sgx-jmp/lib/bill_plan_command.rb -rw-r--r-- 1.5 KiB
Say what customer was affected
Merge branch 'bill-with-note'

* bill-with-note:
  Add a note when billing account
Add a note when billing account
Merge branch 'monthly-billing'

* monthly-billing:
  Allow the DB to notify us to bill a customer
  Command.execution setter
  Bill plan command
  Clearer name for lock bypass factory
Bill plan command

Implements the full logic of the billing_monthly_cronjob for one customer by
reusing code that has been written more robustly in sgx-jmp for some time.  This
will allow the cronjob to just execute this command once a day for each expiring
customer to get all the correct billing behaviours.