Split CreditCardSale from Transaction

This is a refactor that involves pulling the Credit Card stuff (meaning
braintree) out of the Transaction stuff. This makes Transaction a more
generic implementation of our Transaction table.

This commit should maintain the status quo, though. The places that used
to call Transaction.sale now call CreditCardSale.create, and that got a
little easier because we now do the `.insert` inside the create, because
previously all the callsites just got the transaction out and then
inserted anyway.

So they got a little bit simpler, but the main value of this is that now
we can insert other kinds of transactions and not just credit card
Merge branch 'command-icons'

* command-icons:
  Add emoji icons for each command
Update Admin Actions for Ruby 3

In Ruby 3 hashes no longer work as keyword args like we expected, so we
have to be a bit more explicit.

Should be compatible with Ruby 2.
Renamed file with a mistype.

Renamed lib/customer_finacials.rb to lib/customer_financials.rb
Edited the 'require' in lib/customer.rb and lib/financial_info.rb
Add emoji icons for each command
Merge branch 'simpleswap'

* simpleswap:
  Integrate SimpleSwap into alt top up
Integrate SimpleSwap into alt top up

Allow choosing Done, Add Bitcoin, XMR, or ETH with the last two being SimpleSwap
swap addresses (and thus only one-time use, for safety, we don't know how long
they keep a record of swaps etc).
Merge branch 'low-balance-target'

* low-balance-target:
  Fix linter, integrate patch feedback
  Add low balance/auto top up with target amount
Fix linter, integrate patch feedback
Add low balance/auto top up with target amount
Take in Carrier if Port is Canadian

Canadian ports need this extra info to port them in. Up until now I've
been messaging people manually to ask for it, but that adds a delay to
the porting process since I can't move forwards until they've told me,
and it may be hours between when they fill out the form and when I'm
processing it.

So this will just ask for all the data upfront, meaning I can fully
process them right away.
Refactor alt top up to use FormTemplate
Remove expired payment methods from customer list of payment methods [with tests]
Command to show details (currently just remaining data) for account SIMs
Merge branch 'use-tel-we-have'

* use-tel-we-have:
  Skip asking backend about registration when we know the tel already
Hotfix tests on master
Better text for when used with webview
Merge branch 'fix-info-when-no-plan'

* fix-info-when-no-plan:
  Fix rendering info when there is no plan
Merge branch 'outbound-call-customer-not-found'

* outbound-call-customer-not-found:
  Actually handle outbound attempt from unknown customer