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Merge branch 'trustlevel-repo'

* trustlevel-repo:

To determine how much permission a customer account should have to take risky
actions.  Seperate from their plan, this is not how much they could do in
theory, but how much the system will allow in practise due to perceived risk.

Starts out with a simple model based on amount of settled payments, and being
used to decide what is an "expensive" route for outbound calls.
Merge branch 'activate-with-balance'

* activate-with-balance:
  If customer already has enough balance, just bill them and finish
  New BillPay registration step
  Save plan to DB as soon as it is selected
  Move credit_to lookup into relevant class
If customer already has enough balance, just bill them and finish
Respond to Proper Cancel Stanza

Previously cancels would be treated as an error, but then would be
caught so that they could respond with receipt of the cancel later.

But, we weren't setting @iq in these cases, because it was an error, so
we would actually respond to the wrong stanza; specifically the one
before the cancel.

This was bad and wrong and led to the bot sitting there waiting for the
cancel before moving on with its life.
Try auto top up / low balance notify when not enough balance for a call

There is an edge case where a customer might not have auto-topped up yet but
they don't have enough balance for this call, so try to charge their card first
before telling them the call is a no go.
Also supports limits on inbound calls
Outbound call logic for overages

If cannot find an acceptable rate for the number, cannot call.
If balance is too low, cannot call.
If too close to limit, warn.
Else, call.
Initial tests for web routes
Represent plan limit details as a useful object
Merge branch 'overage-limit'

* overage-limit:
  auto_top_up_amount and monthly_overage_limit from CustomerRepo
  Move Bandwidth Tn remote operations to BandwidthTnRepo
  Use value_semantics to DRY up CustomerRepo
  Use NotFound exception for all customer not found cases
auto_top_up_amount and monthly_overage_limit from CustomerRepo

Move load of auto_top_up_amount to the repo, and load monthly_overage_limit in
the same operation.
Merge branch 'no-more-catapult'

* no-more-catapult:
  Remove catapult import code
Remove catapult import code
Merge branch 'whitelist'

* whitelist:
  Allow whitelisting domains
  Use FormTemplate for activation form
Allow whitelisting domains

Some domains credit new users to the admin, some to no one.  We still have to
show a form to get them to pick a plan, but otherwise skip most of the process,
activate them with 1 month and go to Finish.
Merge branch 'reset-sip-v2'

* reset-sip-v2:
  After SIP reset, offer to change inbound fwd
  Reset sip account using v2 API
Reset sip account using v2 API

SipAccount now uses only v2 APIs for lookup, create, update, and delete
Move CustomerFwd behind Customer

All the previously-lazy BackendSgx data is now either all loaded or all not
loaded by swapping the sgx_repo used by your CustomerRepo instance.  When not
loaded the fields are filled with bottom values that explode when used.  When
loaded the values are present in RAM and not promises at all.  Most code paths
do not need any of the data, a few need most of it, so this seems like a good
trade-off.  Most code using this object will simply never touch those fields or
care about how they are loaded, etc.

Of course, most of this data isn't even SGX related and should move out of here,
but that would take a data model refactor/migration on the catapult_* schema.
Merge branch 'number-search'

* number-search:
  Do not direct back to website to pick new number
  Run rubocop after tests
  Add reference to option to show where the tel is
  Format tel for human reader
  Allow user to search for numbers over XMPP