ref: da30c371e56b8bb577897f1151b59c24e209127f sgx-jmp/lib/customer_fwd.rb -rw-r--r-- 1.8 KiB
Sanity check that uri is possibly valid
Also supports limits on inbound calls
Customer Info Forms and More Info

There's a bit extra info I wanted about users, so since I was doing this
anyway I figured I may as well port the existing forms to the new form

Then, in order to fit within the guidelines I needed subforms, so
partials were added.
Merge branch 'ban-bad-tel-fwd'

* ban-bad-tel-fwd:
  Don't allow bad tel format
Don't allow bad tel format

Otherwise people can specify things that won't (or shouldn't) work.
Don't send too big timeout to bandwidth
create_call takes an argument
Move to v2 if at all safe
Merge branch 'configure-calls-change-location'

* configure-calls-change-location:
  Set location when moving to v2 SIP
Set location when moving to v2 SIP

From configure calls as well as from reset sip account.
Merge branch 'rubocop'

* rubocop:
  Additional fixes for rubocop 1.10.1
  Switch to rubocop 0.89.1
Switch to rubocop 0.89.1

This is the rubocop in new Debian stable
Merge branch 'configure-calls-v2'

* configure-calls-v2:
  New configure calls command
  Move more persistence into the repo layer
  Easy DSL for adding XEP-0122 validation to fields
  CustomerFwd uses ValueSemantics, translates old XMPP-SIP URI
CustomerFwd uses ValueSemantics, translates old XMPP-SIP URI

More of the original data is kept now, so this object could be used for putting
to persistence as well as for loading from it.
Record Voicemail Greeting command
Move CustomerFwd behind Customer

All the previously-lazy BackendSgx data is now either all loaded or all not
loaded by swapping the sgx_repo used by your CustomerRepo instance.  When not
loaded the fields are filled with bottom values that explode when used.  When
loaded the values are present in RAM and not promises at all.  Most code paths
do not need any of the data, a few need most of it, so this seems like a good
trade-off.  Most code using this object will simply never touch those fields or
care about how they are loaded, etc.

Of course, most of this data isn't even SGX related and should move out of here,
but that would take a data model refactor/migration on the catapult_* schema.