Move Bandwidth Tn remote operations to BandwidthTnRepo
Use value_semantics to DRY up CustomerRepo
Use NotFound exception for all customer not found cases
Merge branch 'nuke-legacy-customers'

* nuke-legacy-customers:
  Remove LegacyCustomer
Remove LegacyCustomer

Such customers are not longer a common or valid case.
Customer Info Forms and More Info

There's a bit extra info I wanted about users, so since I was doing this
anyway I figured I may as well port the existing forms to the new form

Then, in order to fit within the guidelines I needed subforms, so
partials were added.
Fix Transcription Settings Typo

We were setting in one property but reading from another very similar
Use disposition=VOICEMAIL for calls that went to voicemail
Require at least a dot in a JID
Limit voicemail recording to 600 seconds
Merge branch 'no-more-catapult'

* no-more-catapult:
  Remove catapult import code
Remove catapult import code
Quieter voicemail beep
Allow lowercase state/province abbreviations

Seems like it won't overlap with other things we allow.
Merge branch 'whitelist'

* whitelist:
  Allow whitelisting domains
  Use FormTemplate for activation form
Allow whitelisting domains

Some domains credit new users to the admin, some to no one.  We still have to
show a form to get them to pick a plan, but otherwise skip most of the process,
activate them with 1 month and go to Finish.
Use FormTemplate for activation form
No low balance if not registered

If cancelled or expired or not-yet-registered, don't auto top up or notify about
low balance.
Make tel present or not more machine readable