Customer Visible Plan Info

We moved some of the currently private things to be public, like currency, and
then included things like how much the monthly price is as well.
Allow Next on Picker Form

Execute works, but next is more right
Handle False Registration

Turns out my dummy-sgx doesn't act the same as production.
Rather than getting a successful registration with no phone, in production I
get false, so I need to handle that.
Need node for spec compliance

And also so Gajim works
Customer Info

This should allow us, the admins, to query information about a customer
without having to dive in and run a couple redis queries and some
database queries before getting the full picture of who we're talking

It also allows the users to request some data about themselves. Balance and
phone number are already visible in other places, but their expiry is currently
not, and people have been asking about it.
Remove BigDecimal.new

It turns out in newer versions of Ruby this isn't cool anymore.
The new way is BigDecimal(value), which is dumb, but whatever...
Invite Codes is a Result Form

If we don't do this, the ad-hoc bot won't format the table properly.
Update submodule to get trigger for new-user invites
Merge branch 'invite-codes'

* invite-codes:
  Command to list unused invite codes
Command to list unused invite codes

Instructions also provide details about how the program works.
Fix variable reference
Check for going over 500 every time

Don't fill redis with keys for users who did not go over
Check sample against schema in CI
Check config against schema when loading

So we know very quickly why it's not working.
It's never been called customer.id
Use CustomerRepo
Bring in line with the key from billing_monthly_cronjob
Customer always has a JID
There might be no customer