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Merge branch 'more-admin-info'

* more-admin-info:
  Test Admin Info with Numbers
  Refetch Customer on Repeated Customer Info Calls
  Trust Level in Customer Info
  Show Callability State in Customer Info
  No Settled Transactions is 0, not Null
Refetch Customer on Repeated Customer Info Calls

This means if I fetch a user, make a change (add a transaction, set
their trust level, etc), I can re-run info from the menu to get the same
user with up-to-date info, so you can see the thing I just did reflected
back to me.
Allow finishing admin command
Allow finishing adming command
Merge branch 'monthly-billing'

* monthly-billing:
  Allow the DB to notify us to bill a customer
  Command.execution setter
  Bill plan command
  Clearer name for lock bypass factory
Bill plan command

Implements the full logic of the billing_monthly_cronjob for one customer by
reusing code that has been written more robustly in sgx-jmp for some time.  This
will allow the cronjob to just execute this command once a day for each expiring
customer to get all the correct billing behaviours.
Handle Empty Admin Menu Response

Some automated processes don't care for our menu, and rather than
crashing it should just consider our process to be done.
Merge branch 'tx-list'

* tx-list:
  Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View
  Transactions List
  Customer Financials
  Telephone Link
Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View

I've added a new command to show financial information about the user.
But more importantly I've added an infinite admin subsystem which allows
me to go into a user and then run multiple commands on them.

For now it's just these two info commands, but in the future I'd like to
add mutative commands here.

Finally, since I sometimes look up multiple users in a pretty short
timeframe I made the menu open and if I put something into the list that
doesn't parse as one of the actions it instead switches the current user
so I don't have to do "cancel", "customer", and then put the next one

I can just have the session open and put stuff in as needed.