Someone legit hit the 4k limit
Document new search option
A legit user hit 3500. Wow
Merge branch 'state-search'

* state-search:
  Finish state search and add test
  Add state search - for granularity & jmp-register
Finish state search and add test
Add state search - for granularity & jmp-register

Note that this is not quite complete yet, since we need to pull in the
STATE_MAP stuff used elsewhere to make it work properly.  But it will
at least work for every state/province/territory that is not Quebec
for now, which is way better than nothing.  Quebec users will get the
same fallbacks they had before.
Do not log error when hangup/voicemail a call that is already gone
Add customer_id to Sentry where relevant
Error from SGX should not result in an unregistered customer

If the SGX fetch fails, this is a problem.  Even in the original case this was
written for (registration) we have seen strange issues that can come up when the
code assumes that an SGX error means they are unregistered.  They may or may not
be unregistered, and we simply don't know.  So we should let the error bubble
through and be handled (if possible) upstream.
Use Transfer because Forward doesn't work once answered
Sanity check that uri is possibly valid
Transaction amounts are negative, but cdr charge is positive
Schemas add default rate for customers with no plan
Pass customer_id through to leg2

The to in leg2 is not the phone number, but the fwd, which is not useful for
looking up customer.
Make sure from and to are in correct direction

Doesn't affect any current code paths, but should be correct in case we ever
start using it in the inbound case.

Also from does not have to be a formatted phone number, can be a string like
Anonymous, etc.
Pull in cdr_with_charge performance fix
Billing starts now
Load plans to db
We rely on this schema now
JSON route for outbound calls

For use from Asterisk