Unused dead code
Shunt call to voicemail on exception
Respond to Proper Cancel Stanza

Previously cancels would be treated as an error, but then would be
caught so that they could respond with receipt of the cancel later.

But, we weren't setting @iq in these cases, because it was an error, so
we would actually respond to the wrong stanza; specifically the one
before the cancel.

This was bad and wrong and led to the bot sitting there waiting for the
cancel before moving on with its life.
Set Sentry user from CustomerRepo

We don't always use this to get the current user, so make it optional.
Import some hotfixes from prod
Transaction Note Can Be Null

Not only is it allowed, but actually there's a ton of empty notes. Every
monthly account activation is missing a note, so practically every user
that has transactions will have empty notes.
Handle Empty Admin Menu Response

Some automated processes don't care for our menu, and rather than
crashing it should just consider our process to be done.
Merge branch 'tx-list'

* tx-list:
  Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View
  Transactions List
  Customer Financials
  Telephone Link
Admin Command Menu + Admin Financial View

I've added a new command to show financial information about the user.
But more importantly I've added an infinite admin subsystem which allows
me to go into a user and then run multiple commands on them.

For now it's just these two info commands, but in the future I'd like to
add mutative commands here.

Finally, since I sometimes look up multiple users in a pretty short
timeframe I made the menu open and if I put something into the list that
doesn't parse as one of the actions it instead switches the current user
so I don't have to do "cancel", "customer", and then put the next one

I can just have the session open and put stuff in as needed.
Transactions List

Using the new Financials object a user can list their transaction list
We only show the user the date, amount, and method.
Customer Financials

I've pulled out information about payment methods and bitcoin into its
own thing. It's kind of a repository, except that it only exposes
fetchers and doesn't load anything generally.

There's also a few new methods here that aren't used yet, but will be
Telephone Link

Sometimes I need to go there to look something up or change a setting,
and every time I do I have to navigate through the UI to a number I
already know.

This should make that faster.
Strip fwd value from form before saving
Someone legit hit the 4k limit
Document new search option
A legit user hit 3500. Wow
Merge branch 'state-search'

* state-search:
  Finish state search and add test
  Add state search - for granularity & jmp-register
Finish state search and add test