ref: 67b11b291052136c34b08db8bf3235f0904d4d34 sgx-jmp/lib/customer_info.rb -rw-r--r-- 1.8 KiB
Even if key catapult_jid- exists, this is bonkers, just say no
Customer Visible Plan Info

We moved some of the currently private things to be public, like currency, and
then included things like how much the monthly price is as well.
Handle False Registration

Turns out my dummy-sgx doesn't act the same as production.
Rather than getting a successful registration with no phone, in production I
get false, so I need to handle that.
Customer Info

This should allow us, the admins, to query information about a customer
without having to dive in and run a couple redis queries and some
database queries before getting the full picture of who we're talking

It also allows the users to request some data about themselves. Balance and
phone number are already visible in other places, but their expiry is currently
not, and people have been asking about it.