Merge branch 'more-tel-selection-coverage'

* more-tel-selection-coverage:
  Patch bandwidth-iris to raise useful exceptions
  More city maps
Patch bandwidth-iris to raise useful exceptions
Switch to the new Ring verb with answerCall=false

Should actually cause incoming calls to ring properly, and the bug that required
pseudo_call_id seems gone.
ogm is sometimes a promise
NotLoaded should not use default to_s, etc
Actually, we want that nil

Without it, the item ends up being NotLoaded, which is wrong.
Show CNAM in customer info
Better CNAM fail error message
Specify port in case client does not support SRV
Don't send too big timeout to bandwidth
Fix for faraday+em_http and gzip
Hotfix: create_call not create_call_request
create_call takes an argument
Move to v2 if at all safe
chmod after rename, because Tempfile is always 0600