Move credit_to lookup into relevant class
Merge branch 'monthly-billing'

* monthly-billing:
  Allow the DB to notify us to bill a customer
  Command.execution setter
  Bill plan command
  Clearer name for lock bypass factory
Allow the DB to notify us to bill a customer
Command.execution setter
Bill plan command

Implements the full logic of the billing_monthly_cronjob for one customer by
reusing code that has been written more robustly in sgx-jmp for some time.  This
will allow the cronjob to just execute this command once a day for each expiring
customer to get all the correct billing behaviours.
Clearer name for lock bypass factory
Declines should be an Int

Previously this retured a string and everywhere that used it had to
convert it into an it, or handle it if it's nil.

That's dumb.
Now it's always an int, and `nil.to_i` is 0 anyway so I don't have to
check that either.
Do not allow nil tndetails
LazyObject is not nil, so safenav doesn't work
Order Transactions by Date

In my testing the natural order just happened to be the date order
because I had so little data.

But in the real world we should probably be more explicit!
Do not get CNAM during admin command

Since this is used by the billing cronjob and hitting BW so much is too expensive.
Refactor CustomerInfoForm to use find_by_format
Shunt call to voicemail on exception
Respond to Proper Cancel Stanza

Previously cancels would be treated as an error, but then would be
caught so that they could respond with receipt of the cancel later.

But, we weren't setting @iq in these cases, because it was an error, so
we would actually respond to the wrong stanza; specifically the one
before the cancel.

This was bad and wrong and led to the bot sitting there waiting for the
cancel before moving on with its life.
Set Sentry user from CustomerRepo

We don't always use this to get the current user, so make it optional.
Import some hotfixes from prod