ref: 28d302ad3b63a3de815a72e3fbfe45588eccbcbe sgx-jmp/sgx_jmp.rb -rw-r--r-- 13.4 KiB
Send to StatsD for different inbound stanza types
Only count billable messages

Not typing indicators, etc.
Notify admin if a user goes over 500 messages in 30 days

Notify only once per day (using expiring redis key).
Can notify MUC or user, always sends directed presence first so it will join MUC
if not joined.
Ignore all messages direct to the component, mostly to throw out live messages
from MUC if we join that to notify.
Tell user about bonus amount when doing credit card top up
Use PG connection pool
Hotfix, iq replies coming to customer_ should try the manager first
Alt top up command

To show mailing address, eTransfer address, Bitcoin addresses, and allow
generating a new Bitcoin address.
Refactor command list to use composition

Also rename buy credit to top up
Command to get to the credit card settings page
Reply to extdisco with sip server
Spec says we must reply to all IQs

So say feature-not-implemented if we haven't got it with some other handler.
Validate that amount of credit to buy is in valid range
Rename buy-credit to buy credit
Merge branch 'conditionally-show-commands'

* conditionally-show-commands:
  Only show buy credit option if customer has a plan and a credit card
  Show commands conditionally (plus add voicemail record command)
Show commands conditionally (plus add voicemail record command)

Refactor to a factory that allows commands to be shown conditionally, so that
the voicemail record command can only be shown if the customer has a forwarding
target set up.
Merge branch 'tel-search-temp'

* tel-search-temp:
  No tel picker yet, so just go to the webpage
Use before filter to actually come before everything

Otherwise we go in hierarchy order and stanza comes last.
Merge branch 'passthrough-commands'

* passthrough-commands:
  Pass through commands we know the SGX can handle
  Pass everything from SGX to user, not just <message/>
  Remove some of the noise from the command list