Wait for call attempt to start before returning

This should prevent calls from ending before they start... I hope
Log when we've written call start
Fix direct targets with explicit backend set
Unless it's one of our jids, is it really a customer?
That's in the repo
Short circuit sending to any JMP customer

No matter which route they use.

Also doesn't count internal messages for billing purposes or block them
if you're expired, etc.
No more spam cooldown

Since "spam" is a false positive so often at this point
We're gonna charge something for shipping
Log on incoming group text
Allow setting credit card if you have a currency
Bandwidth calls from "Anonymous" are broken
Revert "Log call creation attempts"

This reverts commit 458513f7a1ec0c91381039163be140009fe86ff5.
Log call creation attempts
Include sgx jid in JSON format for calls
iris doesn't use promises