Test AdminCommand::NoUser
Fail loud if something is nil
fix undefined method `put' for nil:NilClass by passing in snikket_repo to NoUser
test for admin launch snikket command
add new admin command to launch snikket instance for existing customer
Do not crash when bad geo cache
Reduce cooldown to 5 minutes
Make sure we hold the same conn for listen forever

hold by itself will never cut it, because we use EM timers inside to
break the connection even to the promise, so we can't sync on that.
Since we really do want to essentially leak this connection for the life
of the process, then let's do that directly.
Need to sync inside hold
Clear idle postgres connections periodically
Fewer postgres connections

Still not sure why the RAM on postgres size balloons, but at least cut
it down
Add a breadcrumb to area code lookup
Prevent cache poisoning
Doesn't return a string anymore
Outer calls sync, so must be a promise
Don't swallow all errors

Just the ones we meant to report to the user
Don't try for local when not possible
Voicemail timeout field improvements

The -1 thing is pretty outdated, we have a voicemail disable for that

Realistic range is 0 (instant voicemail) to 300 (bandwidth's max which
we impose in the code anyway).
min or max may be optional