e8aeceb7ad7f9f9f3dc3d988cb78e537f7f4ecf0 — Christopher Vollick 3 months ago 27b1e9b
Handle Null TNDetails

This is based on a hotfix in prod. In this case someone appeared to have
talked to an @jmp.chat address directly. In normal circumstances this
shouldn't happen, but it's not technically disallowed, so we probably
shouldn't just crash.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M forms/configure_calls.rb
M forms/configure_calls.rb => forms/configure_calls.rb +2 -2
@@ 31,14 31,14 @@ field(
	value: @customer.fwd.uri

if (lidb = @customer.tndetails.dig(:features, :lidb))
if (lidb = @customer.tndetails&.dig(:features, :lidb))
		var: "lidb_name",
		type: "fixed",
		label: "CNAM",
		value: "#{lidb[:subscriber_information]} (#{lidb[:status]})"
elsif @customer.tndetails[:on_net_vendor]
elsif @customer.tndetails&.dig(:on_net_vendor)
		var: "lidb_name",
		type: "text-single",