bdf6280cf0be864521df046bccc97eafb74a32f3 — Stephen Paul Weber 3 months ago b81dfa0
Voicemail timeout field improvements

The -1 thing is pretty outdated, we have a voicemail disable for that

Realistic range is 0 (instant voicemail) to 300 (bandwidth's max which
we impose in the code anyway).
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M forms/configure_calls.rb
M forms/configure_calls.rb => forms/configure_calls.rb +3 -2
@@ 14,8 14,9 @@ if @customer.fwd.voicemail_enabled?
		type: "text-single",
		datatype: "xs:integer",
		label: "Seconds to ring before voicemail",
		description: "One ring is ~5 seconds. -1 means ring forever.",
		value: @customer.fwd.timeout.to_i.to_s
		description: "One ring is ~5 seconds",
		value: @customer.fwd.timeout.to_i.to_s,
		range: (0..300)