93919ac8eba6fd7f11999cdca27ec91685c3b5a2 — Stephen Paul Weber 2 years ago 946b50d
Stop polluting Object namespace with Blather DSL
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M sgx_jmp.rb
M sgx_jmp.rb => sgx_jmp.rb +6 -2
@@ 2,12 2,18 @@

require "pg/em"
require "bigdecimal"
require "blather/client/dsl" # Require this first to not auto-include
require "blather/client"
require "braintree"
require "dhall"
require "em-hiredis"
require "em_promise"

singleton_class.class_eval do
	include Blather::DSL

require_relative "lib/btc_sell_prices"
require_relative "lib/buy_account_credit_form"
require_relative "lib/customer"

@@ 62,8 68,6 @@ end

BRAINTREE = AsyncBraintree.new(**CONFIG[:braintree])


def panic(e)
	warn "Error raised during event loop: #{e.message}"
	warn e.backtrace if e.respond_to?(:backtrace)