8cb2f01e7869dcf7ac075d3436d42904e0526c1c — Stephen Paul Weber 2 years ago e97ecf1
Save legacy session for Bitcoin flow

This is not a permanent solution, but for now it will allow Bitcoin flow users
to get the same message from the cronjob that legacy web flow users get, and
thus complete their signup using the legacy web flow.

Eventually we'll want to reverse this and direct every Bitcoin activation via a
new end flow.
1 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M lib/registration.rb
M lib/registration.rb => lib/registration.rb +10 -0
@@ 2,6 2,7 @@

require "erb"
require "ruby-bandwidth-iris"
require "securerandom"

require_relative "./bandwidth_tn_order"
require_relative "./em"

@@ 174,8 175,17 @@ class Registration

			attr_reader :reply, :customer_id, :tel

			def legacy_session_save
				sid = SecureRandom.hex
					"reg-sid_for-#{customer_id}", sid,
					"reg-session_tel-#{sid}", tel

			def save
						"pending_tel_for-#{customer_id}", tel,
						"pending_plan_for-#{customer_id}", @customer.plan_name