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				1. [![Abrosia Corner Bakery](assets/img/ambrosia.png)](https://ambrosiacornerbakery.com/)
				1. [![Encompass Health](assets/img/encompass.png)](https://www.encompasshealth.ca/)
				1. ![Benton Street Parking Garage, at the corer of Charles Street](assets/img/CityofKitchener.png)
				1. [![Schneider Haus](assets/img/schneiderhaus.svg)](https://www.schneiderhaus.ca)

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			p Thank you to the following sponsors for their support of the Kitchener exhibition of Post-Part

			a href="https://awesomewithoutborders.org/": img alt="Awesome Without Borders" src="assets/img/AWB.png"
			a href="https://www.shorecentre.ca/": img alt="SHORE Centre" src="assets/img/shore.png"
			a href="https://doula.sette.ca": img alt="Lisette Weber, Postpartum Doula" src="assets/img/lisette.png"
			img alt="City of Kitchener" src="assets/img/CityofKitchener.png"
			a href="https://cotdwaterlooregion.org/": img alt="Climb Out of the Darkness" src="assets/img/cotd.jpg"