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@@ 51,7 51,7 @@ window/m39N/index.html: window.slim Makefile window.js assets/windowThreeTranscr

window/ImgX/index.html: window.slim Makefile window.js assets/windowFourTranscript.md assets/windowFourCredits.md
	mkdir -p window/ImgX
	/usr/share/doc/ruby-slim/examples/slimrb -l '{ "num": "Four", "location": "Joseph Schneider Haus", "sponsors": ["AWB", "cotd", "schneiderhaus"] }' -p window.slim > $@
	/usr/share/doc/ruby-slim/examples/slimrb -l '{ "num": "Four", "location": "Schneider Haus National Historic Site", "sponsors": ["AWB", "cotd", "schneiderhaus"] }' -p window.slim > $@

window.js: Window.purs packages.dhall spago.dhall

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@@ 53,7 53,7 @@ html
				1. [![Abrosia Corner Bakery](assets/img/ambrosia.png)](https://ambrosiacornerbakery.com/)
				1. [![Encompass Health](assets/img/encompass.png)](https://www.encompasshealth.ca/)
				1. ![Benton Street Parking Garage, at the corer of Charles Street](assets/img/CityofKitchener.png)
				1. [![Schneider Haus](assets/img/schneiderhaus.png)](https://www.schneiderhaus.ca)
				1. [![Schneider Haus National Historic Site](assets/img/schneiderhaus.png)](https://www.schneiderhaus.ca)

			small * we acknowledge that the Post-Part exhibition will be situated on land that is the traditional home of the Neutral, Haudenosaunee (Ho-deh-no-show-nee) and Anishinaabe (Ah-nish-nah-bay) Peoples. We extend our respect to all First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples for their past and present contributions to this land.

M window.slim => window.slim +2 -2
@@ 138,7 138,7 @@ html
					img alt="Breastfeeding Buddies" src="../../assets/img/breastfeeding-buddies.png"
			- if sponsors.include?("schneiderhaus")
				a href="https://www.schneiderhaus.ca"
					img alt="Schneider Haus" src="../../assets/img/schneiderhaus.png"
					img alt="Schneider Haus National Historic Site" src="../../assets/img/schneiderhaus.png"

			h1 Further locations can be visited at

@@ 160,7 160,7 @@ html

			- if num != "Four"
					h1 Joseph Schneider Haus
					h1 Schneider Haus National Historic Site
					p 466 Queen Street South. Window accesible by laneway behind main house — interior of windowed laneway.

			a href="../../" Home