Purge OverloadedStrings
Not compatible with 3.0 network package
Fix some whitespace
Don't need typable for exceptions anymore
Add Internal module
A message with no "type" is of type "normal"
Less warnings, use Haskell2010
Workaround for stream-xmlns issue

From my notes:

I discovered that it expects "{jabber:component:accept}jid" instead of
"{jabber:component:accept}id" for the stream id, which is against the spec.
Additionally, if the server sets the default xmlns to jabber:component:accept
it seems that the id attribute is parsed as having no xmlns and so does not
get found.
Prepare for switching maintainer
Remove call to TLS.setPriorities, because the underlying libgnutls
function has been removed in recent upstream releases.

TLS connections seem to work fine without this call (tested with
talk.google.com), so I don't know if it was ever even needed.

Bump version to 0.4.8.
Bump version to 0.4.7.
8fd08bcb — Michael Alan Dorman 8 years ago
XMPP's open-coded ErrorT needs Applicative
 Remove maximum dependency version on text.

Bump version to 0.4.6.
baddb8f8 — Sergei Trofimovich 10 years ago
Fixes example bot running on openfire, which requires
bind fist (as original comment says).
If auth fails, include the error element in AuthenticationFailure.
23ef8472 — John Millikin 10 years ago
Update source repository locations. Bump version to 0.4.5.
6daf5960 — John Millikin 11 years ago
Bump version to 0.4.4.