ref: 9ff939eebe5816d457bc8c26c352fe896ce25f7c jmp-schemas/sqitch.plan -rw-r--r-- 895 bytes
tag for deploy of jmp-pay to production
Create table for cdr storage

Some of this data is not needed for billing (such as disposition, or full tel of
the other side vs a prefix) however it will be very useful if we expose call
logs to the user.  If this is a privacy concern we can allow users to request
deletion of CDRs from past billing periods in the future.
View for the most current plan for each customer

This includes a plan even if it is expired, with the expires_at present for
checking if desired.  This is because an expired user may still want to may a
payment or similar, and checking their plan is how we know what currency to
charge them in.
Table to log plans active on different accounts
Allow sub-cent transactions for minute billing
Create the transactions table