Give plan_log a primary key

Can't have two entries starting at the same time
Add an optional note to transactions
Verification shouldn't actually select all data

Running these in prod later would be slow otherwise.
Merge sub_cent_transaction plan item into transactions

Since none of this is deployed or tagged yet, there's no reason for the overly
complex alter table schenanigans.  We have to leave the empty plan item though,
since it's in the git history and otherwise sqitch rebase would break

Will get the hang of this tooling!
Create table for cdr storage

Some of this data is not needed for billing (such as disposition, or full tel of
the other side vs a prefix) however it will be very useful if we expose call
logs to the user.  If this is a privacy concern we can allow users to request
deletion of CDRs from past billing periods in the future.
View for the most current plan for each customer

This includes a plan even if it is expired, with the expires_at present for
checking if desired.  This is because an expired user may still want to may a
payment or similar, and checking their plan is how we know what currency to
charge them in.
Table to log plans active on different accounts
Allow sub-cent transactions for minute billing
Create balances view
Create the transactions table
Use sane config from tutorial