Default auto-top-up to $15 and allow changing from credit card management screen
Wait until fully disconnected before EM.stop
Transaction id must be unique
Include BTC addresses in notification, if there are any
If a user has no balance, then their balance is 0
Only notify expired users once a week
Fix Dhall signature

The config got updated, but the signature was missed.
Fix intermittent notification non-delivery

We need to wait until all EventMachine items in flight are complete before we
allow the process to terminate or some of them might not happen.  So when the
process wants to exit, wait until the EM thread is done.  Use next_tick to make
sure our stop command only happens when the EM queue is next clear.
update schemas to include hotfix from prod and sqitch tag for prod
Update schema and INSERT to plan_log using new range type

plan_log has been updated to use a range type, so our INSERTs need to be
updated as well.
Allow new users to opt-in to balance auto-top-up

We don't have auto top up built yet, but once we do they will be able to start
getting it right away instead of needing to manually turn it on later.
hotfix from prod, avoid crash on old session
docs say there is a better error in UI for this case already
include sentry when there is a dsn
empty array is not falsy
Always a bonus, maybe of 0
Does not take both those arguments anymore