ref: 6f4cc93627df061507d6b1c2e2b1c38aeb6c334c jmp-pay/bin/process_pending_btc_transactions -rwxr-xr-x 6.0 KiB
Do not activate directly in cronjob

Instead, just insert and notify. sgx-jmp will handle billing and activation now
when it sees the balance is sufficient.
Merge branch 'rubocop'

* rubocop:
  Update rubocop
Update rubocop

And use settings from sgx-jmp
No more legacy session for BTC

Everyone gets told to go finish up with sgx-jmp
Remove healthchecks integration

We use runitor in prod now
Do not warn about BTC tx <= 0

This is a valid case for when we have sent BTC received at this address out.
Transaction id must be unique
Update schema and INSERT to plan_log using new range type

plan_log has been updated to use a range type, so our INSERTs need to be
updated as well.
hotfix from prod, avoid crash on old session
Always a bonus, maybe of 0
Does not take both those arguments anymore
Don't notify when re-processing transaction already in DB
Send complete, useful approval message on account activation

With link pointing to jmp-register until new-signup happens.
Switch to stepwise bonus factor breakpoints

The max bonus is a bit smaller than the previous formula, but this one is
perhaps more "explainable" and still matches current pricing.  The breakpoints
are done in native currency (not currency-converted) which means that CAD users
get the next breakpoint "sooner" -- this is a small advantage to CAD users, who
we want to encourage anyway.
Send notifications using Cheogram whispers

This way they don't need an assigned tel to work.
Include BTC amount and currency in notification
Don't send malformed to JID when customer has no tel yet
Ping healthchecks for each run
Activate pending plan for customer when they pay enough BTC

This is effectively the "BTC auto-accept" new way.  If they send enough to
activate (as set by activation_amount in config) and they have a pending plan in
redis and no plan in the db, then we buy them that plan.

We can't use the normal way to notify the user, because they likely haven't
bought a phone number yet.  Eventually we will be able to tell new-signup about
this and have it inserted into the flow there, I think? Not sure what we want to
do transitionally.