ref: 56432a92df528a2f1b465b2c32a8810ca67ade01 jmp-pay/lib/blather_notify.rb -rw-r--r-- 695 bytes
Show backtrace and bail out hard on panic
Update rubocop

And use settings from sgx-jmp
Exit after an error in EM
Do not wait to exit until after we are ready
Do not hang forever if shutdown fails
Wait until fully disconnected before EM.stop
Fix intermittent notification non-delivery

We need to wait until all EventMachine items in flight are complete before we
allow the process to terminate or some of them might not happen.  So when the
process wants to exit, wait until the EM thread is done.  Use next_tick to make
sure our stop command only happens when the EM queue is next clear.
Higher XMPP connect timeout

Because sometimes the box is under high load.
Notify customer when renewal fails due to low balance

This is done by sending from a configured JID to <tel>@cheogram.com in order to
have them receive a message from support.