Add rake, used for tests
Merge branch 'do-not-bill-unregistered'

* do-not-bill-unregistered:
  Query sgx-jmp for every expired user
  Show backtrace and bail out hard on panic
Merge branch 'rubocop'

* rubocop:
  Update rubocop
Query sgx-jmp for every expired user

If they have no assigned tel, do not bill them or notify them.
Show backtrace and bail out hard on panic
Update rubocop

And use settings from sgx-jmp
Merge branch 'guix'

* guix:
  Build Guix package
Build Guix package
We don't use this rake task anyway

No need to make Rakefile depend on rubocop if we don't even use it.
Make Script Executable

I missed this, but the original commit was already merged.
Find Bad Customers

This is meant to go through all customers who aren't already on sgx_jmp
and who don't already have an open porting request to get them there.
Show what tels are paid-up but not in dashboard
No more legacy session for BTC

Everyone gets told to go finish up with sgx-jmp
Better error on no JID
Remove healthchecks integration

We use runitor in prod now
Expects this to return true
Exit after an error in EM
Do not wait to exit until after we are ready
If expired with auto top up, NOTIFY for a week before sending expiry notice