Update 3DS for new visa requirements
No argument there anymore
Forgot to remove this
Allow electrum of alternate currency
Warn and ignore no transaction error
Allow custom settled after time for tx
Only list receiving addresses
Raise NoTranscation if tx not found
Don't renew if there is a future plan

Note this means if there is a big hole between the end of current plan
and the future plan that they won't renew properly.
Guix added this package
Handle multiple DKIM headers
Try to prevent double-submit

By disabling and hiding the button and ignoring signals from the app during the
submission process.
Onboarding gets the full command UI link

This is because they really aren't using the bot, but sending the big link to
everyone is not only ugly, but at least in gajim it makes the link not do anything.

Ideally we'd do something with pushed command list or xhtml-im or fallback
bodies, but using whispers makes that not easy at the moment, and we use
whispers because new customers don't have a cheogram route set yet.
get bonus amount from tx
Fix btc script use of Transaction