3b9e2ebd1c6929241d299494652d6b76093b3ab1 — Christopher Vollick 1 year, 3 months ago 9de5399
Change Spam header to Authentication Status header

The way I'm running it is before spam assassin runs right now, but after
opendkim, so instead I just use that status as authoritative.

I've left the Spam Assassin code in there but just commented out for
now, because I may turn it back on later, etc.
1 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M lib/interac_email.rb
M lib/interac_email.rb => lib/interac_email.rb +19 -1
@@ 20,6 20,9 @@ class InteracEmail

		NoSpam = err "No Spam Status"
		BadSPF = err "Don't trust SPF"
		NoAuth = err "Authentication header missing"
		BadAuth = err "Authentication header isn't a pass"
		BadDomain = err "Authentication header isn't for the right domain"
		BadDKIM = err "Don't trust DKIM"
		NoDKIM = err "No DKIM Signature somehow..."
		WrongDKIM = err "DKIM Signature is for a different domain"

@@ 94,7 97,8 @@ class InteracEmail

		def ensure_safe
			# ensure_spam_checks

@@ 114,6 118,20 @@ class InteracEmail
			raise Error::BadDKIM, @m unless spam.include?("DKIM_VALID_AU")

		def authentication_header

		HEADER_REGEX = /\sheader.d=payments.interac.ca\s/.freeze

		def ensure_authentication_header
			auth = authentication_header

			raise Error::NoAuth, @m unless auth
			raise Error::BadAuth, @m unless auth =~ /\sdkim=pass\s/
			raise Error::BadDomain, @m unless auth =~ HEADER_REGEX

		def dkim_header