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Start "The Ingredient"
M Makefile => Makefile +6 -0
@@ 1,3 1,9 @@
build/the-ingredient/index.html: build/vendor dist-head.html the-ingredient/*
	mkdir -p build/the-ingredient
	cat dist-head.html > build/the-ingredient/index.html
	bin/twine-assemble DE7255FB-B3D2-4500-9AF4-779B8695937A the-ingredient/* >> build/the-ingredient/index.html
	echo "</body></html>" >> build/the-ingredient/index.html

build/Hereva1/index.html: build/vendor dist-head.html Hereva1/*
	mkdir -p build/Hereva1
	cat dist-head.html > build/Hereva1/index.html

A the-ingredient/Market Square => the-ingredient/Market Square +3 -0
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Komona's markets are always busy, and this morning is no exception.  Saffron can see the shops of her best [[suppliers]], and the line already forming outside the door to her own establishment, [[Saffron Witchcraft]]^^(link-repeat: "👁️")[(alert: "The beautiful purple building where Saffron sells her advice, potions, and other witching services.  So popular that a line of customers always stands before the doors.  She recognizes several regulars.")]^^.

Saffron can also go [[back to her appartment->Saffron's Appartment]].

A the-ingredient/Saffron Witchcraft => the-ingredient/Saffron Witchcraft +5 -0
@@ 0,0 1,5 @@
(if: $inventory contains "keys")[\
The inside...
The door is locked, waiting for Saffron to open up for the day.

A the-ingredient/Saffron's Appartment => the-ingredient/Saffron's Appartment +16 -0
@@ 0,0 1,16 @@
Saffron wakes up in her appartment, the sun shining in her window. She leaps from her bed, “Another beautiful day in Komona, hey Truffel?”

Truffel, her white angora cat, stretches and yawns, but does not get up.

"Come on, Truffel, customers are waiting!"

Saffron's appartment ...

(live:0.5s)[{(if: $inventory contains "keys")[
Saffron may exit by the
A set of (link-reveal: "keys")[(set: $inventory to it + (ds:"keys"))] hang by the
[[door->Market Square]].

A the-ingredient/Title Screen => the-ingredient/Title Screen +14 -0
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:: [startnode]
# Hereva Adventures: The Ingredient

Saffron is a young, but rich and popular, witch of the school of Magmah. Follow her through a particularly trying day.
Your progress is saved automatically.

(if: (saved-games:) contains "Autosave")[\
	[[New Game->Saffron's Appartment]]
	(link: "Continue Game")[(load-game: "Autosave")]\
	[[Begin the Adventure->Saffron's Appartment]]\


A the-ingredient/footer => the-ingredient/footer +7 -0
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:: [footer]
(live:0.5s)[(if: $inventory's length > 0)[
Inventory: $inventory

(unless: (passage:)'s name is "Title Screen")[(save-game: "Autosave")]

A the-ingredient/startup => the-ingredient/startup +2 -0
@@ 0,0 1,2 @@
:: [startup]
(set: $inventory to (ds:))