ref: 4edd87d2079544e5f5eb963a3190f5f2f543a091 haskell-gnutls/lib/Network/Protocol/TLS/GNU d---------
4edd87d2 — John Millikin 7 years ago
Remove references to gnutls_certificate_type_set_priority.

This function was deprecated at some point in the distant past, and has
now been removed from gnutls upstream. There is no good replacement, and
no current users of the Haskell wrapper, so the easiest solution is to
remove setPriority from the binding.
a8b81673 — Michael Alan Dorman 7 years ago
Fixups for AMP changes.
04064950 — John Millikin 10 years ago
Remove unused FFI imports from gnutls-extra.

Bump version to 0.1.3.
50014171 — John Millikin 10 years ago
Minor cleanups. Remove maximum version of "transformers" dependency.
c36fdda7 — John Millikin 10 years ago
Clean up the Cabal file, and move library source to lib/.