These deprecated procedures have been removed now
Use unfoldrM from monad-loops instead of repeating it here
Need this cabal version to use default language
Fix some whitespace
Fix sha1 function

From my notes:

haskell-gsasl in the sha1 (and probably the other hash) function expects that
gsasl_sha1 takes in a pointer to an allocated 20-byte buffer and writes into
that.  In fact, gsasl_sha1 takes in a pointer and allocates and writes into it
a 20-bytes buffer that the caller is expected to free.  The current
implementation results in hashes of all 0 coming back.
Remove language extensions
Moving to me as maintainer
Update source-repository locations and email addresses.

Bump version to 0.3.6.
2215fb47 — John Millikin 8 years ago
Import Control.Applicative to fix build with GHC <7.10.
05fb4763 — Michael Alan Dorman 8 years ago
Add Applicative instances for ghc >= 7.10
Remove maximum dependency version on bytestring.

Bump version to 0.3.5.
Minor cleanups. Remove maximum version of "transformers" dependency.
Clean up Cabal file.

Bump package version to 0.3.3.
d62c20bf — John Millikin 12 years ago
Fix build in GHC 6.10
3fcebba8 — John Millikin 12 years ago
Get rid of ``-fno-warn-unused-do-bind`` compilation flag.
81823b32 — John Millikin 13 years ago gsasl_0.3.2
TAG gsasl_0.3.2