0.4.0 4 years ago

Update to dhall-lang 0.9.0, dhall-compile -c, etc

Breaking Changes

* Version of dhall-lang supported: 0.9.0
* Dhall::Expression#to_binary now includes the self-describe CBOR tag
* Dhall::Coder will translate values of type List { mapKey = k, mapValue = v }
to Hash
* Method#as_dhall now equivalent to method.to_proc.as_dhall
* Import resolution follows redirects now (was a bug)


* Some operator normalizations were commuting when the standard
normalization would not
* Multiline strings now consider an all-whitespace last line when
stripping indentation
* Fix for Dhall::EmptyList#join

New Features

* New FunctionProxyRaw and RubyObjectRaw can allow easily folding a
Dhall expression into a non-Dhall Ruby object (undocumented)
* Dhall::Types module for common types
* dhall-compile -c produces a folder compatible with the standard dhall
filesystem cache