ref: bccb3dd8f6e4d0bc7c6267f1c6b404865a14f5f2 dhall-ruby/lib/dhall d---------
Refactor OperatorListConcatenate typecheck
Start refactor of list concat
Refactor OperatorRecursiveRecordMerge typechecker
Refactor OperatorRightBiasedRecordMerge typechecker
Refactor OperatorRecursiveRecordTypeMerge typecheck
Refactor List typecheck
Refactor Optional/None typecheck
Refactor AnonymousType typecheck
Refactor Record typecheck
Refactor RecordSelection typecheck
Refactor RecordProjection typecheck
Refactor Union typecheck
Finish merge refactor
Refactor Function annotate
Refactor Forall typecheck
Refactor some of typecheck

Get closer to fitting the metrics
Run tests per docs
Clean up style violations
Implement integrity checks
Always encode OptionalNone in new style