ref: 8f58222e6cae5b5aefe89283e742cc1c2a015af9 dhall-ruby/lib/dhall/ast.rb -rw-r--r-- 28.3 KiB
Refactor builtins

The fill/unfill code is much simpler now
IntegrityCheck stores raw hash internally
Disambiguate hoisted union tags properly

An array may contain two nomnatively-equivalent types who are
structurally different -- so they need different (but related) union
tags since they will not share a type.
Enum should not have itself in the alts
More useful to_s for AST nodes
Facility to flatten let blocks
Add new useful facilities to Function
as_dhall for Proc

Cannot actually serialize this, but can be useful for passing functions
in to Dhall functions, etc.
Update to latest dhall-lang
Split Union and Enum

Stop putting special case conditionals for Union#value.nil? everywhere
and just split the classes.
Customizable cache

Caches implemented in this commit:

StandardFileCache - cache conforming to dhall-lang
RamCache - stores in a hash, meant for single-load caching
NoCache - when you want to be sure
Timeout mechanism

Sets timeouts in HTTP readers, checks for deadline exceeded before each
resolution step, and uses Timeout::timeout for pure-ruby computations.
Fix Typo

Dhall::Text is obviously the Text builtin, not the Double one.
Do not load if already loaded

In case the resolver has some values already
Update handling of builtins

Always parse to a special value and not to variables.
Encode seperately.
Normalize text concat as interpolation
Parse expression from ENV var import

Instead of the path-only support from before.
Add grab-bag of useful utils onto expressions
Add as_dhall refinement
Optional#value is not what we want here