ref: 57b0f3c9ab8640ca4880855b9743951215b07418 dhall-ruby/lib d---------
Allow self-describing CBOR
Environment variable failure can fallback
Allow imports to be either binary or source form
Update to new UnionType selection semantics
Anything we'll eventually run is a skip
Fix env import decode
Use upstreamed type tests
Refactor parser based on nicer ABNF
Fix rubocop except for parser metrics
Keep around type information when we have it
fix type => [value|element]_type
Refactor LetBlock, allow single LetIn
0 == 0.0 so unfold line
Refactor UnionType#fetch
Switch to registry pattern for TypeChecker.for
Refactor TextLiteral typecheck
Refactor If typecheck
Refactor OperatorListConcatenate typecheck