ref: 513a86423369e813dbf99bf3c90afc6f8cfb089f dhall-ruby/lib/dhall/ast.rb -rw-r--r-- 21.3 KiB
Environment variable failure can fallback
Allow imports to be either binary or source form
Update to new UnionType selection semantics
Fix rubocop except for parser metrics
Keep around type information when we have it
fix type => [value|element]_type
Refactor LetBlock, allow single LetIn
0 == 0.0 so unfold line
Refactor UnionType#fetch
Refactor List typecheck
Refactor Optional/None typecheck
Refactor RecordProjection typecheck
Refactor Union typecheck
Refactor some of typecheck

Get closer to fitting the metrics
Clean up style violations
Implement integrity checks
Always encode OptionalNone in new style
Flatten/unfill applications and builtins when encoding
Remove multi-argument applications

They only exist in binary encoding, so let's keep them there.