ref: 1868c94c899941540d8284e2cfad4ad7ecd61730 dhall-ruby/test d---------
Some test setup tweaks in dhall-lang
Fix alpha normalization on normalize tests
Update resolve tests to test actually valid cases
Deprecated syntax removed, no need to skip
Typecheck while resolving
Helper to get ipfs path based on integrity check
Reject invalid "characters"
Fix expectations for tests
implement as Location and use URI internally
Self-describe CBOR for Expression#to_binary

CBOR.encode(expression) and Expression#to_cbor remain untagged "standard
Dhall" but the default Expression#to_binary now always tags the output
with self-describe CBOR.  This is supported by the standard for decoding
the output will still be compatible with all compliant implementations,
and it makes the binary format easier to identify in the wild.
Switch IntegrityCheck encoding to multihash
Split IntegrityCheck and NoIntegrityCheck
Not using hexdigest in the constructor anymore
Run dhall-lang binary-decode tests
Decode unions the same way as_dhall makes them
Use Dhall names for everything that encodes untagged
Disambiguate hoisted union tags properly

An array may contain two nomnatively-equivalent types who are
structurally different -- so they need different (but related) union
tags since they will not share a type.
Update and run latest alpha-normalization tests
Update to latest dhall-lang