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DB contains a Redis connection also
Merge branch 'component-avatar'

* component-avatar:
  Show avatar in vCard for component also
  Notify of the component's avatar along with presence
  Respond with avatar contents when asked
Respond with avatar contents when asked

If an avatar is specified in the config file, grab the needed metadata.  We
assume the avatar is image/png since the spec mostly requires at least that
codec to be present.  If we receive a pubsub request for exactly the node and
item that is this avatar, we return the base64 encoded content.
Merge branch 'componentStanzaRecord'

* componentStanzaRecord:
  Use Record for componentStanza context
Use Record for componentStanza context

componentStanza is a rediculous procedure with far too many branches, and as a
result it gets bits of context relavant to this branch or that one, but most
branches use only a few of the bits of context.  This change bundles the context
up into a record and only unpacks the fields used by a given branch.

While this does not fix the underlying design issues, it *is* more readable than
a long string of underscores that one must count through, and adding a new bit
of context will no longer require editing every single branch.  This seems like
a win.