Allow archive to work even when build --with-source
AdHoc Bot Continues on Result Forms

Previously it would display results and then be done, but I may want to
display resutlts and then continue, so I pulled the logic out of the
normal form-filling path and put it in result so it will continue
automatically if we're still executing.

This means that the bot will render back-to-back result forms as just a
dump of their output, but honestly that's probably fine.
What's the point in asking if they'd like to continue if I can just
continue until we hit a question we actually need the human to answer!
Secrets not available when building patchset
Fix build CI step for patchset
Add new dependencies to cabal file also
Set Jingle URL extensions from Magic mimeType
Set cacheOOB URL extension from Magic mimeType
-O2 takes too much RAM for CI
Merge branch 'guix-no-tc'

* guix-no-tc:
  No more TC
  Don't need to rewrite anymore
Don't need to rewrite anymore
Only list keys from TC for the rewrite and print progress
sadd and hset with no values are exceptions
Rewrite DB on boot to ensure all data is in both TC and Redis
Build hstatsd fork in CI
Only store muc_membersonly if True

The default is False anyway if not present.

This handler is overbroad and catches any disco#info that isn't caught
elsewhere, but assumes this must be a result from a MUC.  That was probably true
when this was written, but it's certainly not safe and we can see in the DB that
there are muc_membersonly keys set to False for non-MUC JIDs.  This change is
safe and not invasive but will cut down on DB contents at least.
Nothing ever sets resource to create anymore