Debounce join/part SMS notifications

We don't tell you someone left the group until they are gone for 2
minutes.  If they come back in that time, we never tell you anything.

This is for people on bad internet who keep leaving and reconnecting
right away. The stream of SMS messages is very annoying.  They will see
your messages when they come back (usually) because of MUC scrollback
features.  If they are gone longer, we will tell you and hopefully you
didn't say a lot of stuff while they were gone.

Closes #33
Stop printing all the vitelity in Nothing lines
Always send join/part SMS

This was causing only one person to get the SMS messages, since we
record that the person left as soon as we hear about it, and we process
stanzas in order, so no one else would get notified.

If we turn out to need this kind of filter, we can do a per-person list
of who they think is in the room or something?
Responding to probes instead of broadcasts

I think this is what we're actually supposed to do.
Force line buffering on outputs
We want the digits, this was backwards
Catch connection error

Closes #32
Add so much logging

Maybe we can see the bugs now?
Filter out bogus vitelity crap

Closes #28
Say you are not in a group in reply to /who

Closes #31
Increase wait times overall
Change nick to add _sms after register
Look inside query for fields
Include caps hash in presence

Close #26
Accept plain Join when not in a room

Closes #27
Merge branch 'registration'

* registration:
  Show error message in log
  Allow unregister to work
  Invite registered jid when SMS creates a room
  Forward future invites
  Initial work on registration

Part of #12
Show error message in log
Allow unregister to work