ref: afa09a670b39468687e58fba9b4bfe42afe00223 cheogram/Util.hs -rw-r--r-- 7.0 KiB
Better URL block for whispers
Refactor help command to stop using the -and-then resource hack
Sort discoVars

Needed at least for caps hash
Empty is "available" and should go near the top
Store presence and caps/disco info in redis
Seperate out mapping for SIP URIs so SMS targets don't get caught
Allow calls from blocked caller id
Hardcode sip.cheogram.com for now

Should this be configurable per-user or just per-instance?
Switch to dhall config and add jingle FT stuff
Update to work on latest Debian stable
Support short codes

Closes #51
Experimental start to the tel discovery/verification
Pass proxied stanzas from 1:1 route back through
Proxy through the registration form and record the route