Advertise ad-hoc commands support
Workaround for ChatSecure bug

They send receipts to our "don't message me" message, even though we
didn't ask for one.
Pass through command list from direct route
Add missing space
Remove this until we get a consent system

Some people consider their JID to be private information.
Suppress welcome message for token sends
Improve new-user UX and copy
Do not ping MUC participants who are not ours

We can't rejoin them anyway
Fix forwarded command support
Send <presence type="subscribe"/> to users configured by a third party

Closes #58
Allow trusted entity to register on behalf of other JIDs

Closes #50
Support short codes

Closes #51
Support vcard-temp, change to AGPLv3+

Closes #52
Disable registration for now

Closes #49
Initiate discover/verify on DM change
Base58 is not exactly fixed length
Allow SMS owner to manage JIDs
Remove ownership when DM route changes
Store both direction on ownership

And allow multiple JIDs to own the same cheoJid
Match token route against domain not whole JID