Refactor help command to stop using the -and-then resource hack
Only assume nickname for phone number if isE164
Sort discoVars

Needed at least for caps hash
Show bot-style help from the ad hoc commands
Start sending some statsd stats
Try new group text porcelein format
Process even if it already exists
Empty is "available" and should go near the top
Only query for disco once

Instead of every time we get told a resource is online.  If we already think it
is online, then assume we already queried and just leave well enough alone.

Cuts CPU usage to normal from insane in production.
Do not report errors that come back from presence discovery
Store presence and caps/disco info in redis
Seperate out mapping for SIP URIs so SMS targets don't get caught
Allow calls from blocked caller id
Hardcode sip.cheogram.com for now

Should this be configurable per-user or just per-instance?
Switch to dhall config and add jingle FT stuff
Switch from many cli args to a dhall config file

Before we add even more config in a sec here
Using newer version of network-protocol-xmpp
Setup for sr.ht CI
New homepage and mailing list workflow