ref: 3bd9c3870d41e3af2f469f2a3904025aef29a767 cheogram/.builds d---------
Build hstatsd fork in CI
Use oldstable in CI for now, since prod does and my desktop does

And new cabal is incompatible
fix constraints for CI based on new hackage releases
Merge branch 'cache-inbound-oob'

* cache-inbound-oob:
  Intrument cacheOOB
  Fetch any OOB URL from route and cache in jingle store
  Set up structure to cache OOB coming from a direct message route
Fetch any OOB URL from route and cache in jingle store

Now we actually cache the data.  Always assumes URLs are HTTP, but they always
are in practise and if one is not it will simply fail and in case of any error
we just pass the oob element through unmodified.
Also build for Ubuntu LTS

Mostly because that's what psycotica0 uses.
Fix path to the cheogram artifact
Fix CI

jingle-xmpp isn't on hackage (yet?) so we need to install it from git.

Because we install everything from hackage in CI instead of using Debian
packages, installing jingle-xmpp first can cause a version of random not
compatible with some cheogram dependencies to get installed. Easiest fix for
that is to just install a known-good version first, then everything works.
Setup for sr.ht CI