Need this version for TQueue
We need this version
Merge upstream caps into our caps

And also into our disco info.

Closes #44
Pass through presence at all
Send presence when subscribed
Hack to pass through some kind of error at least
Save if already registered to gateway
Show currently-set route if there is one
Show pre-registered form when gateway gives us one
Pass proxied stanzas from 1:1 route back through
Pass errors through better during 1:1 setup
Route direct messages if route exists
Proxy through the registration form and record the route
Change node name for "new Cheogram"
Handle errors from backend gateway

Well, log them for now.  Need to send more data along if we're going to
reflect them back properly.
Some cabal updates
Huge refactor to use seperate backend and some other stuff
Catch more exceptions, print more restart logs!
First explicit signature!