Show media elements on a field if there are any as oob messages
Don't show label seperator if label is empty string
block a few more spam patterns
Try adding markable to messages

Causing clients to send a message when the message is viewed, which goes into
mam/carbons for other clients to see the current read position for syncing read
Fix quicksy API jid
sendIQ needs to come from /IQMANAGER
Fetch owners from quicksy as well
Implement Quicky sync query protocol
Expand tapback/reaction cache to 12 hours
Verify google play license when present and pass userid to backend
Respond to error stanzas properly

Most importantly by preserving type=error in ad-hoc proxy mode
Tel can have a vcard4, including owners if they opt in to jid discovery
Cancel when onboarding and no switch jid in backend
Don't try to route IQ for bogus JID
It's not a group text unless there are at least two
Respond to group text porcelein presence probes first
Add second kind of heart which some versions of Movim use
Fix outgoing reactions and log more
Update for GHC 9.0.2

Need to use an older guix in CI to get 9.0.2 working properly, and newer version
of GHC has a show stopping bug.