spx too specific, ogg too generic for audio/ogg
Hack to always return the sip proxy for JMP

It happens to always be the same at the moment, and this will reduce
number of stanzas dramatically
StatsD for presence probe to tel
List possible actions so user knows what to do
Ask for action when filling out a form with no fields
Copy over new feature from cheogram-sip
Fix typo... again
Fix typo, this is not an avatar node
Never send presence response to ourselves
Strip whitespace from possible command invocation
Allow owners to message any JID from the phone number they own

Messages to user\40domain@component used to only work if the from domain matched
the target's route, but this adds another case where if the from has an assigned
cheoJid (aka phone number) that they own, we can route to the target from that JID.
Only save route *after* the completed response has been sent

Or, right before, but not while still waiting on opt in confirmation.
Show media elements on a field if there are any as oob messages
Don't show label seperator if label is empty string
block a few more spam patterns
Try adding markable to messages

Causing clients to send a message when the message is viewed, which goes into
mam/carbons for other clients to see the current read position for syncing read
sendIQ needs to come from /IQMANAGER
Fetch owners from quicksy as well
Implement Quicky sync query protocol