Do not log or record in the DB on non-MUC presence
Show possible route for confused users who came from web register
Don't accept gateway JID with node or resource

Most of the code assumes a gateway JID is a bare domain.
Enter Gateway vs Enter Gateway JID

To reduce the chance than anyone thinks their JID should go here.
Increase IQ Timeout

Sometimes steps in the registration flow can take longer than 5 seconds.
We're increasing the timeouts here because these aren't errors, and it
will make signup much smoother to have this work.
Do not show command error on successful cancel
Do not show help text after cancel
Fix spelling on status=canceled and add a note
Tell the user what the actions are when waiting at a note
Loosen dhall constraint
If backend cancels the flow, cancel the session and do not save
Prioritize forms over notes
Send support contact addresses as part of help text, if available
Do not print hidden fields
Show var as label if there is not label
Print help at end of registration with bot
Case insensitive cancel for adhoc bot
Print label for field of type fixed.
If command is done with success, don't print error

If they gave us nothing worth rendering, we're just done now.